BABY GOLD KOI #3 (Please note this artwork is unframed)


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This artwork was inspired by my own tropical fish and it was such a pleasure creating this Koi sculpture.

The daily lives of these animals are so fascinating and it can keep you glued to them for ours.

Each day I learn something new creating these adorable sculptures.

I love the Koi fish as it is such a graceful fish and the patterns and colours of these animals are mesmerising.

This beautiful fish symbolize good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance no wonder they are called “living jewels” and “swimming flowers”.

Koi fish are known for their ability to climb rushing streams and waterfalls until they reach their destination. They are determined fighters that do not give up.

Each of these Koi sculptures are hand made by me the artist and no 2 will look exactly the same.

This artwork is from my Koi fish collection.

Please note this artwork is unframed.

Thank you for looking at this artwork


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